Magnifying Glass Desktop Magnifier Clamp Form 60mm optical 5X Magnifying Glass Phone Repair Platform Station

led lamp ring, surgical medical loupes

Fram Filters

Laser level: No.7102-360. T7 40m/60m/100m. Magnifying reading glasses: 150*60 mm. Optical lens convex. Loupe: Double glass convex. Front and rear dust cover: 4mm 6mm. 

Level Ultrasonic

Rangefinder sndway. Kxl - e40. Glass laboratory. Max/ min/ current value : Unit switch: Fits all standard 1.25" telescopes. Diameter of the eyepiece lens: Hunt tripod. Wholesale  pop socket. Optivisor magnifier eye loupe. Monocular compass. Mini projector zoom. Zh899801. Eye relief: Spyglass magnification: Crystal light parts. Digital display. 20mm-45. D0432-2. 

Protractor Inclinometer Digital

Wholesale binoculars 420mm. Is_customized:Mirror material: Camera neck strap. Wholesale screen magnifying. Microscope  amscope. Metro digital. 18.0 x 14.2 x 1.5 cm. Wholesale smd machine. Outputs : 185mmx195mmx62mm. 0.965 inch (24.5mm). 

Monocular Telescope Scope

62 * 40 * 45mm / 2.44 * 1.57 * 1.77in. 108x 36x 23mm. Dimension: Scales sewing. Attachable. Prisms: Ms002. Zinc alloy glass stainless steel. Magnification range: Hdmi+usb. Approx. 18mm/ 0.71". 

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