WF5X WF10X WF15X WF16X WF20X WF25X Microscope Eyepieces Wide Angle Lens Monocular Biological Microscope Accessories Part Oculars

Wholesale magnifier adjust, engrave laser

Material Semiconductor

Eyepiece 1. Abs,acrylic optical lens. Zinc alloy+optical glass lens. Laser distance meters uni-t ut396b 120m laser range finder. Steel,other. Guiding bracket w/ 90mm dovetail bar. Clear measure. 40*60. -20 ~ 100℃Hunting laser rangefinder. Infinity plan achromatic. 

Glasses Magnifying Vision

Machines cutting. High quality multi-layers green filmD2-10x50l. 0-150mm. Angel testerSee description. Wordmark. 15x-45x80. 1.25~2.0inches. Bike stand repair. 0-200mm. Wholesale rework station hot gun. Laser shoots. Mobile fixed width: 

Wholesale Scope Camera

Waterproof monocular. Drop ship/wholesale: #dyl-25. 20000lumx. 5.5cm. Optics prism. Pythagorean two points: Acrylic. 35 x 52. 31.5ins. Wholesale binoculars powerful. Night vision binoculars. 

Solomark Eyepiece

18 mm. Acrylic. Dental head lights. Cross anchors. Glass microscope. Digital microscope. Hunt telescope. Prism type :Daily use,experiment,home use. Single / continuous measurement. 160mmx50mm. Line laser. Plastic, leather, metal, glass lenses. Telemetre. 7.2 degrees. 

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