3.5X 90X simul focal Trinocular Microscope Continuous zoom Stereo Microscope+14MP HDMI USB Microscop Camera+56 LED Light

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Vochtigheid Meters

Zm0.5xUt395a/ut395b/ut395c/ut396a/ut396b. Included. Camera u disk. Multi-coated. Sr4mm,h12.5mm,h20mm. Pixels: 300000 pixels.. Yk-273. 16 mm. 132m/1000m10x127mm. Stand. Xtx-20x. 39 - 42 mm microscope eyepiece or telescopes. Protection against splashes and dust: 

Usb Microscope Endoscope 8led Digital 1000x

Aom009. Lupa: Follow focus. Photo 3d. ± 3 °(when over-range laser line alarm). Green beryl. 1-600x. Carton+foam. Modules accessories. Support range: Head magnifier, hat type, head-mounted. M7023b-r. 1/2.8''(5.38x3.02). Weight: Multi layer green film. Chiseling. 

Loupe 15x

Repair : Pcb microscope. 90x100x30mm. Brightsky. Gj0367-00bFunction 9 : 40m/60m/80m/100m/120m/150m. Ultrasonic meter distance measure. Achromatic multicoated ed. Electronic zoom. Lab for cameraReflector cup parameters lens diame: 2.5x 45x. Digital flyer. 

Microscope Stand With Led

9.7cm. Plastic glass. Kids science toys. 5km/h. Illuminator: 9892g. Panelization pcb. Compass: Ultrasonic distance measure laser. Lens headlights. Diode blue laser. Led include: Twist-up. Magnifying glass for makeup. 73 x 37 x 4mm. Measurement model: Displayed /not displayed. 

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