Inkbird IBT 4XS Digital Wireless Bluetooth Cooking Oven BBQ Grilling Thermometer With Two/Four Probe and USB rechargable battery

refrigerant r410a, humidity meter digital

Bracket Laser

Socket type: Frequency range: : Wholesale lamp fluorescent. Ut58a ut58b ut58c ut58d ut58e. Pen shape. 120mm/4.72". Refrigerator compressors. 	400ua/4000ua/40ma/400ma/4a/10a. Sw8-3100. Sku375681. 

Gold Diamond Detector

B0745. Usb infrared. 0~380c or -50c~0c. Digital auto range clamp multimeter. Diy headphone amplifier. Electrical extension cable. Banana plug test cable length: Approx. 223g. Leter. 32 to +140 fahrenheit(0 to 60 centigrade). Approx. 229g. Mod pc. Function 8: 12v/24v/50v/120v/230v/400v/690v. Test leads. Humidity meter indoor. Needle thermometer. Moisture meter. Usb adapter lightning. Female 1 inch. 

Hygrometer Controller

Dcv /acv :max500v. Battery check: : 600ma~10a2.000v,10%. Slides for kids. 8 - 14 um. Multimetro ac dc. Humidity controller. Ac dc 600v. 20000lum. Barlow: 


0.1 ohm resolution maximum 50m ohm. Data hold. View of angle:  : Composite. Usb led digital microscope. Bl-sw1600. Lcd 1366x768. Take images: 3.5'' x 2.5'' x 0.6''. Dial thermometer liquid temperature. Wholesale yamaha 470. (1.0%+3) (1.5%+3). Prism material: 10~180x. Operating mode: 

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